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Our wax melts are available in a selection of scents made in small batches using a pure blend of 100% Rapeseed & Coconut wax mixed with a carefully selected choice of fragrance oils.

Wax melts are fabulous at creating a quick boost of scent within a room. These melts are provided in approximately 80g circular clamshells with 6 easy to snap off segments. I normally use each segment just once to create a quick boost of scent, however, they can be used as many times as you like and you can no longer smell the fragrance. Remember though, the scent will be at its strongest when it is first melted. The wax does not evapourate, just the scent.

Once you can no longer smell the scent, remove from the wax burner and replace with a new segment. 

To get the best results with these wax melts, I recommend using 4-hour tea lights with your wax melt burner and NEVER double up on the tealights - this is dangerous and could cause the wax melt burner to explode. Always use a wax melter, not an oil burner - the oil burner will burn the scent off quicker and your melts wont last as long. 

This wax is a blend of rapeseed and coconut - that is it, nothing else! As it is completely natural, with no additives at all, it can be prone to cracks and frosting - it wont impact the the scent at all. 

I took a long time on deciding what type of packagaing to use for my wax melts, and in honesty, I am still deliberating it! Obvisously I wanted to continue being as sustainable and conscious of my choices as possible, as well as being easy to use and safe to transport. These clamshells offer a mix of all the above.

The clamshells themselves are made from PET, which is the most readily household recycled plastic with roughly 92% recycyled throughout the UK. On the bottom of the clamshell you will find the number 1 which represents PET which lets the recycling depots know they can be easily recycled.

These wax melts are free from paraffin, palm, soy and beewax. 

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